Photo by Valentin Lacoste on Unsplash

Moving in circles, a familiar scene.

Waiting for something to stick.

Betrayed by silence.

A mind relentless.

Perpetually broken it seems.

Clouded by darkness.


This storm must soon pass.

Unattainable expectations.

Perhaps it’s all for naught.

Tortured by longing.

Hidden from plain sight.

It’s safe inside.

I’ll leave the door unlocked.



Photo by Silvestri Matteo on Unsplash

Gravel crunched as you drove away one last time.

I cried not out of sadness, but fear of being alone.

A lapse in judgement.

Self inflicted wound.

Yet I reached for your shadow.

A glimmer of hope.

Burdened by inadequacy, your cross to bear.

Haunted by memories.

Still waiting for you to fade away.



the puzzle

Photo by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash

An empty vessel devoid of color.

Your soul departed hours prior.

Relationship laden with complexities.

Paralyzed by uncertainty.

Questioning mortality.

Lured by a jigsaw puzzle buried beneath the rubble.

There I sat.

Drained of emotion.

Music echoed for hours.

Taunted by memories.

Piece by piece the past became just that.

Were you happy?